In 2007, the Superdarts journey began, out of a humble garage in Norway. It was an idea born out of necessity - there simply wasn’t a dart available that seemed adequate for the job.

Work commenced on crafting prototypes that were subsequently put through their paces at local clubs and establishments, which garnered much positive interest.

This led to production and by 2008, Superdarts had released two variants, of which 500 sets were produced. They immediately sold out.

Also unveiled that year was an exclusive E-dart (THJ) in collaboration with Norwegian darts legend Thor Helmer Johansen.

Early in 2018 saw Superdarts make a return, after a 10 year hiatus, with a renewed energy and vision. Superdarts is now investing in the production of exciting new models and accessories with more currently being developed for future release.

Superdarts are made with a real passion and commitment for darts - and for those that love the game.

- Per Anisdahl